Hampton OPEN MRI, Florissant OPEN MRI

Clinician Information

Hamton open MRI and Florissant Open MRI


At Open MRI, we are proud of the professional quality of the service provided by our radiologists, our technologists, our staff and our management team.


Our consulting radiologist have been trained at the best schools, and are board certified in the USA. Nearly all are fellowship trained. They include sub-specialists in virtually all fields of radiology, including neuro-radiology musculoskeletal imaging, body imaging, vascular and pediatric radiology and routinely utilize this in online specialty consultation with each other. They also encourage a close relationship and frequent consultation with the referring clinician.


Our MRI technologist are all certified and experienced


Open MRI's machine produces a superior quality of image detail which is equal to that of a closed tunnel type machine. You will not be sacrificing quality for comfort.


At Open MRI, we pride ourselves in providing industry leading technical and operating performance. The latest, award winning, AIRIS II open magnetic resonance technology that we use is innovative and result driven, giving fast and efficient feedback to our customers.

  • Superb image resolution and tissue contrast
  • Advanced imaging capabilities
  • Superior image detail (sub millimeter resolution), equal to that of a closed tunnel type unit
  • Extraordinary detail enables swift and accurate diagnosis
  • 24 hour turn around time for reports (immediate read upon request)
  • Efficient systems for clinicians and their staff regarding scheduling, referrals, insurance matters and radiological report distribution